Berlin Brigade Command Organizational Charts

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  1968 BBde Phone Directory     1978 BBde Phone Directory      1979 BBde Phone Directory






 Berlin - 4 sector City (17 MB) Berlin Command budget 1957    Information for visitors to Berlin (1960)
 Increased Vigilance (1961 Information for visitors to Berlin (1961) Travel Restrictions (1962)
Observance of mourning for JFK 1963 1965 Volksfest press kit    1969 VolksFest press kit
Travel request to East Berlin (1973) Travel Request (1974) Travel orders (1974)
The History of Berlin Brigade (1975) BBde Social Handbook

RTO Duty Train tickets

  Installation and Housing area maps

 Headquarters housing area Andrews Barracks Driepfuhl Leichhardt housing Dueppel housing
McNair Barracks Pueckler housing Sundgauer housing Tempelhof Central Airport