Using Berlin's buses and U-Bahns

It's two o'clock in the morning and you just missed your last bus home. Even worse, you've figured out the next one doesn't come until around 4:30 a.m. In this predicament you have two choices: Either get a taxi if you have the money, or set up camp on the U-Bahn steps. Surprisingly enough, many soldiers spend hours waiting during the middle of the night for the busses they miss because they not aware of U-Bahn schedules are This is only one example of troubles some soldiers have with the BVG system, the largest transportation system in Berlin. Other problems are knowing prices of money saving tickets, tourist tickets, maps and fines and getting on unauthorized U-Bahns. To make it easy, the following outline should explain what you are entitled - and are not entitled - while riding on the buses and U- Bahns in Berlin. Several kinds of tickets "Umsteiger" is a German word meaning transfer. It is this ticket that most U. S. Military, dependents and civilians use which costs DM 1.30. During a 90- minute period, riders can make as many transfers on busses or U-Bahn, as desired on a single ticket provided they stay in one direction. This means if you travel on Line 2 one way, you cannot go the opposite way, since the place of purchase is marked on the ticket. "Sammelkarte" is a popular ticket with which you can save a DM. The ticket is good for five rides and is stamped either on the bus or at the U-Bahn station. If you've got company coming to Berlin and don't want them to pay every time they hop on the bus, buy tourist tickets. There are two kinds: two days for DM 9.50 or four days for DM 17 which includes all lines. There are also "Gruppen-karten" tickets for more than six people, costing DM 21 per person, for seven days. This, too, covers all lines, bus and U-Bahns. Monthly tickets Monthly ticket prices range from DM30 to DM98, depending on how far and how frequently you need to ride each month. For one bus line (line is either a bus number or U-Bahn color designation such as the "red line") the cost is DM 30. If you need two or three bus lines, the prices are DM 36 and DM 40 respectively. A monthly ticket good on all bus lines costs DM 64. A ticket for all bus and U-Bahn lines is DM 98. These are the type of passes which have your mug shot and the bus numbers you'll be riding. Once such a pass is made up, it can be changed according to the busses you need to add or delete. This is done by removable stickers. One final category of tickets is the weekly tickets. Starting prices for five days, one line, is DM 6 and for seven days, one line is DM 7.50. All tickets are also good on the ferry between Kladow and the Wannsee. The big "E" Busses with the letter "E" next to the regular number, contrary to popular belief, doesn't mean it is going to East Berlin. It means "Einsetzer" or "express," a bus running in addition to other busses. These extras are put into action around peak hours, usually running in short patterns. An example would be Autobus 1E (which runs by McNair Bks. and Berlin Brigade Headquarters) may run only as far as Zehlendorf, about halfway between the two. You must read the sign on the front to know where it's final stop is. Trouble spots Make sure you've bought that ticket before getting on - it'll cost you an extra DM 20 if you are caught without it. If you don't have the DM 20 fine to pay on the spot, you must identify yourself to the ticket taker and receive a slip of paper showing where you must pay it. But if you believe you're in the right, you can call an MP first. Other shakey areas include two U-Bahn lines which must be ridden carefully. Those are lines six and eight, which begin in West Berlin, go through East Berlin and back into West Berlin again. U. S. personnel and their dependents are forbidden from riding these lines through the Eastern sector. Stations marked with an "X" on your U-Bahn map clearly show which are in East-Berlin. When you see a bus that resembles a giant beer can or news-paper, don't get uptight. The brightly painted busses cost advertisers well over DM 6000 for publicity and simultaneously give the city streets a fresher look. One more important about busses: When you get ready to jump on a bus but the driver pulls out before you can get a foot in, don't be dismayed. Busses have schedules to keep and they mean to keep them. Favors such as stop- ping closer to your stop or waiting for a few more people to get on is the driver's decision. Don't be afraid to get out and visit the city by bus or U-Bahn. It can save you money if you are without a car. If all else fails and you don't have any money for any transportation, you can ride for free by wearing your military uniform. That's true at any time of the day or night, regardless of which bus or U-Bahn you ride. Give try this the busses and U-Bahns a summer season.


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