Weight tables fair?

The Army's official weight tables don't discriminate against women even though they allow more "slack" for men, according to an official in the Surgeon General's office. The official said that the minimum and maximum weight allowances are more flexible for men than for women soldiers of the same height. Minimum weight allowed for a female soldier who stands 5'3", for example, is 100 pounds. A man of the same height must weigh at least 104 pounds minimum. There is a 21-pound difference in maximum weight. At 5'3", a woman may not weigh more than 155 pounds. The DA official said that weight tables are computed using a popular "body mass index" formula. The result, according to the official, allows about 25 per cent for both men and maximum body fat women. The weight tables and other details on how they're determined are spelled out in AR 600-9.


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