BAHS Bears Defeat Adlers 58-6

The Berlin American High School Bears football team took on the Berlin Adlers last Saturday afternoon and capped Spirit Week with a 58 – 6 homecoming victory. The whole school had been looking forward to this game since the beginning of the week, and approximately 300 people turned out to watch the game. The game began with members of the scout platoon from 6th Battalion 502 Infantry rappelling out of an Aviation Detachment UH-1H to the football field below, carrying the game ball with them. After this dramatic beginning, a coin was tossed and landed in favor of Berlin. The first Berlin touchdown was scored by wideback Jorge Ingles on a pass from quarterback David Gagnon. The Adlers also managed to score a touchdown. In the second quarter Berlin’s end Terrence Hazelwood made a touchdown, then end Mitch Smoot connected with a pass from Gagnon for Berlin’s third score. The extra kick was good, putting the score at Berlin 19, Adlers 6. Gagnon connected on a pass to end Terrence Hazelwood, who made an awesome run for another score. The Bears ended the second quarter by kicking a field goal, making the score 28-6. Halftime was a special occasion because the Homecoming court was revealed to the school, and the Bears’s cheerleaders put on a halftime show. In the third quarter Berlin turned up the heat with Terrance Hazelwood scoring another touchdown. End Kali Robinson then caught a pass from Gagnon and scored a touchdown. This was followed by Jorge Ingles scoring another touchdown. End Chris Defelice ran past the Adler defense to score a touchdown, making the score 52-6. Bears’ fullback Antjuan Cunningham made the final score in the fourth quarter, bringing the game to a close with Bears 58, Adlers 6. Berlin Bears Coach Mike Ellis said: We had a good game, the kids did what they were asked to door, and they all performed well.”

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