Tennis Team defeats French, British

The Berlin Brigade Tennis Team defeated the French tennis squad, 7-2, at the Saargemunder Strasse, Sunday, Nick McIver, Bill Bird, Ulrich Keller and Bob Lochner garnered wins in singles competition to put the Americans up 4-2. Then the Home team won all three doubles matches without losing a set to make the final score 7-2. After the matches the Americans hosted their allies at the Harnack House. The teamís next contest will be against the second team of the Zehlendorfer Wespen at 1 p.m., Sunday at the indoor courts next to Foodlands. The Berlin Brigade tennis committee trounced a doubles team from the British garrison in Berlin, Sunday. The match was a lopsided affair, with the Americans taking eight of the nine sets. After the indoor battle both teams repaired to the Harnack House, where the Americans hosted their British friends. The teamís next encounter will be against the French, at the indoor courts on Saargemunder Strasse, March 31, at 2 p.m. They will also take on the second team of the Zehlendorfer Wespen, a German club, April 7. This will also be a home match. The play against the German club will conclude the indoor season. The ladder tournament has been virtually completed, with 21 players having taken part. Any newcomers who want to join the ladder short report to the tennis professionals at the indoor courts on Saargemunder Strasse-thelphone 6833. The team is planning an extensive summer schedule.

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