Bobby Frazier-- Quarterback, Slugger, Coach, Leaving Berlin

Bobby Frazier, all-around athlete and coach for the past few seasons in Berlin, departs tomorrow to return to the United States. He will join the San Fransisco Giants at their spring training camp at Cedar Grande, Ariz. Frazier who came to Berlin in December, 1966, played baseball, football and coached the basketball team in Berlin. Frazier was the regular second sacker on the í67 Braves baseball team. His Blistering.504 batting average, 75 RBIís and 19 home runs helped the Braves finish second in the USAFE baseball playoffs. He was also something of a football star, although he was the reserve quarterback behind Mike Davis. Frazier took over for the injured Davis in the USAREUR Championship game and led the Bears to a 37-20 rout of the Augsburg Bayonets. Sandy Sandlin, coach of the Bears praised him for his inspired, yet cool play. At the end of the football season he turned to still another sport: basketball. He became the head coach of the Bears and saw his team trounce some of the best teams in Europe. The Bears compiled a 26-3 record and won the COMZ Northern League title, among others. All his friends wish him success in San Fransisco.

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