New Structure for Volksfest

All kinds of weird rumors are circulating about that strange structure that is being erected on the Sports Center Field behind the main Shopping Center on Huettenweg. Some say it is to become a new indoor tank range for Company F, 40th Armor, while others insist that it's going to be a new covered parking lot for commissary customers on pay day. The fact is, however, that the huge framework is part of the upcoming Volksfest festival tent. Owned by Ernst Zocher, it is 35 meters wide and 55 meters long. It will seat more than 2,000 people. The festival tent will be integrated into the Volksfest village which this year will portray the theme city of New Orleans from July 26 to August 11. It will be used as an entertainment and refreshment center. A New Orleans-type French restaurant will serve Creole cuisine, while others will sell hamburgers and french fries. Oh yes, since it may be quite warm by the the time the Volksfest gets underway, there just might be an opportunity to buy a beer or two in that strange structure.

Old San Francisco

New Orleans



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